Fish ain't bitin' but I don't really care and don't hurry
Like that Wabash River there I'd be drinkin'
Or laying dead somewhere if it wasn't for the Wabash River
If it wasn't for the Wabash River and this willow tree and my pole and a line
I'd be goin' crazy as an Indiana cyclone
Drownin' memories of her and cryin' cryin' cryin'
If it wasn't for the Wabash River I'd be goin' out off my mind

It's so peaceful sittin' here beneath my tree Lord I need her
Like she often needed me life ain't worth it
Just as far as I can see if it wasn't for the Wabash River
If it wasn't for the Wabash River

Look out man alive
Fifty-five miles an hour they want us to go on this Interstate
And you go fifty-five and you get run over by a truck so what do you do

Man I must be nuts I just got back from California
All that time out there chasin' after her

Well she must be worth a round trip

Worth it
You know there was a time I'd run naked through the snow just to touch that woman

But you wouldn't now ha

Where we're at anyway

I don't know I believe that's the Platte River you want to go fishin' again

I had enough fishin'

It's still a long way to California you know

You know I just might change my mind before we get there

You sound like you got no control over whether you go or not

That's just it what is it about a woman that makes such a dummy out of a man
She was wild even when she was lovin' me man
I knew tomorrow it'd likely be somebody else she would be with
But you know just that idea that the next day she could be lovin' me again
That's what kept me on her tail chasin' after all the time
She really was poison but I guess it was good poison
Look at me here I go again hopin' for another dose of that sweet poison she had man
Did you ever have a woman like that

Yeah I guess I have

You know what I mean

My woman's a lady

A lady

A lady will give you the best lovin' you ever had
I don't care what you had in California but even a lady's love can burn out though
But what I mean is a good woman a kind sweet considerate understandin' woman
That likes to be treated like she treats you
And if that ain't bull the better she gives love the more she wants to give
I know what I'm talkin' about a lady
Lovin's better is a lovin' heart's goin' to give another and a lady loves to give
Mine did for a little while

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If It Wasn't For The Wabash River Johnny Cash lyrics in The Rambler album