You shined your light so I could see that life was more than a chore
When I came up against the wall you said I am the door
You gave me reason to believe in you now I believe it even more
I've never met a man like you before

You gave me back my pride so I could wear it for all the world to see
You told me if my yesterdays were paid for tomorrow is free
From now until I die I know I won't be lonely anymore
I've never met a man like you before

And if all of my dreams turn to dust before my eyes
And all of my songs remain unsung
If all the world can offer me just emptiness and lies
I know I'll still have your perfect love

Stormy weather comes and goes some of my old friends got washed away
But you're an Island of refuge on your solid rock I found my place
If wordly riches faild me but I have you how can I be poor
I've never met a man like you before

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I Never Met A Man Like You Before Johnny Cash lyrics in Look At Them Beans album