Stop it, stop it
Stop it, stop it
Go, stop and go
I just hit static
I used to read you
Loud and clear
Not like this
It's so erratic[Brian:]
And I'm not rational
When I see you around
Your inconsistency
And you know it's dragging me down
You're so conflicted baby[Chorus:]
You're always walking away
One step and everything's over
And you're running back to me
You say I let you down
Baby take me in or just take me out
I'm already dead
I already said (I already said) I'm sorry[Nick:]
Stop it
I've made mistakes
I've been an addict
A blind fanatic
Don't you know
You're not immune to the panic
When somebody turns on you[Brian:]
When the snow hits your skin
The cold don't last forever
But you'll live it again
If you don't let seasons change[Repeat Chorus][AJ:]
How many times do I have to say it
Before you believe me[Nick:]
Stop it, stop it
Stop and go[All:] Panic![Repeat Chorus]

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Panic Backstreet Boys lyrics in Unbreakable album