Hey you
Let's get this started
Throw up your hands
And no more standing on our own
Hey you, Hey you, Hey you
Hey you
Let's keep it moving
Let's shake things up
And recreate our destiny
Hey you, Hey you, Hey you

Who's gonna save us?
And what's the end result?
Take my word this one's on you
Yeah it's all on your shoulders
It's time to catapult
What are you gonna do?
I know you don't understand it
But yet it's happening
You're not alone

This is a wave of hope
The things I've been seeing
An epidemic that can sway your own reflection
Here comes something new
A new perception
A new direction
Something soon

And so it begins
Becoming docile
Another chance to tip the scales
And make new attempts
A chance to start again
Make amends
And make a mends
Given the context of new direction
A glimmer of hope is all we see
We're right at the threshold as we stagger
A chance to break on through
You feel it changing
The rearranging with life so out of tune

There's a way around if we keep going
I know how this plays out
At the tipping point as we look over
And hope we don't fall down
Now we're sitting at the edge here locked together
Finding out where we belong
Its the moment of our lives that lasts forever
We have a choice to sing along
For tonight we take this further
For tonight we see it through

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