I'm on the brink
I just can't take anymore
I've taken one too many shots I've really fucked up the score
I'm near the edge
I think I'm losing my mind
I've taken back by insuring acts and your lies
Where do we go?
Or do we stay for a while?
Fight off the enemy and cut our losses I don't know
One thing I do
That I've been doing for days
Is look them in the eyes and spit in their fucking face

Turn it up all the way
And take me to a better place
This is the sound of your stereo, the radio
Your beating heart to the words that you already know
Everything that you want to say that you're thinking
All the thoughts that your regret for never speakin'
This is the sound of your beating heart as you watch it go
Chase tracks played back through the window
Everything you want to say that you're thinking
All those words that you regret for never speaking

Lets take a turn
To another place
A destination that you thought you knew and get away
Now back it up
You're just a little too close
I bet you never thought you'd find your destination unknown
Well face the facts
Of what's the matter at hand
You've pissed off everyone that gave a shit because you can
Well here we go
Back at the start again
Just tell me what the fuck?
What the fuck were you thinking?

Where do we go now?
Take us to a better place

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