A blind eye
A troubled soul
Just look the other way
Instead of take control
It's like a gun to your head
A game of Russian Roulette
Fight the good fight
Come on and place your bets
Choose to ignore the situation
When you knew it all along
Gas on the fire
Burning way too long
Contamination, deprivation
Face it don't have a clue
Now all eyes are on you

So tell me
But I don't think that you could
Can you save me
Things just end up how they should
We all know what is right
Hardly admitting what is wrong
Still at the end of the day
Selfishly we carry on

A closer look
It's something you can't fake
The transparency is showing
Everything at stake
A blind eye turns
Without a sense of remorse
Right off the tracks
And now we're changing coarse
Yeah our number's up now
And it's a fucked up feeling
Pounding out of my chest
And now I'm barely breathing
Well don't look down
It's about to hit the ceiling
Now all eyes are on you

We are the subjects
We are the blind despair
Waiting here for just a word
But no one cares

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