Landing on solid ground
The time approaching where we all fall down
With each new wave another wake up call
Deep in our minds
Where did it all go wrong?
Steadfast we hold our breath wishing it all away
Waiting for a sign to bring us back some day
We hold our breath and wish it all away
And wait for the day
To watch it all just wash right away
When will it all just make sense to me?
Is this some sort of wake up call?
Something I cant ignore?
Show me a sign of life
Just give me something more
I'm told to take a number like the others
To take a number and get back into line
Falling fast sure as the sun may rise
We're discovering all the things we hide
So much from ourselves
It's got me wondering
What's going on inside?
Have we been here before?
There's something so familiar about
this place
Can you tell me what for?
Still we keep holding our breath
So could you please lend me your ears
I've been far gone far far too long
As we masquerade, what is this game
And this constant charade?
When did your heart cease to beat anyway?
Steadfast we hold our breath

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