[Adam Sandler:]
And now the excited Southerner gets to meet his favorite film actor, Mel Gibson

Mr Gibson? I'm sorry to bother you sir but this gentleman is a big fan and he
just wanted to say hello

[Excited Southerner:]
Well II can'tbelieveI'm in thelaser discMrGibsonII
Isuch agot toIBraveheart wasyouyou'regot your
autographwith a 8X10 glossyour face was burnt thoughTina
Turnersinging a song to themamamothermotherloves you toogot
toBird On the Waternot such a good picture butyou made up for it with
the Mad Maxgot amailmail was verygot so much goingand the koala
bearsgotI'm a big fanGolden Globe awardsif maybe the people's

Alright That's enough I'm sorry Mel let me get this moron outta here

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The Excited Southerner Meets Mel Gibson Adam Sandler lyrics in What The Hell Happened To Me? album