[Adam Sandler:]
And now the excited Southerner has a job interview

So why don't you tell me why you would be an asset to this company

[Excite Southerner:]
Good question, I have a good answer for thatfirst first first of all I am
a veryvery hard workvocational skillsI went towilling to work on a
holidaysI had a tango and mirumba lessonslearning to get along with other
peoplebut I'm sorry I got my GEDwith a overtimetime and a
halfspeakin in two languagesSpanish and aaanother oneand I and
andloyal like a dogtell you that muchwillin to start at the
bottomand also willingto stay thereyour intestinescompletely
flawlessdrug-free with awhoo-weegood referencesif you call my last
bosshe wasactually he was gonna inform mewith aI got no dependence
with the W-2 formand I was wondering

You know what? That's great but uh we don't have anything open right now
Thanks for comin' down

[Excited Southerner:]

Are you alright?

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The Excited Southerner At A Job Interview Adam Sandler lyrics in What The Hell Happened To Me? album