"And now, the severe beating of a high school bus driver"

[Kids getting on the bus]
"How are ya, Bryan?"
"Good morning, Lisa"
"Good to see ya, Tommy!"
"Hey, good morning, Cyle! Nice new backpack!"
"Watch your step now, Joseph"

"Uhh, young man Can I help you? Can I see your bus pass, please?"
[Beating sounds]
"Sir, please!"
[Beating sounds]
"I drive with that hand!"
[Beating sounds]
"Children! Call for help!"
[Beating sounds]
"Holy geez, no!"
[Beating sounds]
"That's me! Oh yes, oh!"
[Beating sounds]
[Final crack, horn sounding]

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The Beating Of A High School Bus Driver Adam Sandler lyrics in They're All Gonna Laugh At You! album