Yes, sir?

I want ya in here right now!

I'll be right in

Damn straight you'll be right in

What do you need, sir?

What do I need? You know what I need

Uh, no I don't, sir

I want you to come on over here, fish my cock out of these
trousers, and suck on it for a while!

Sir, I don't think I can do something like that!

Oh, you can and you will, bitch! Kneel down, now!

What if someone comes in?

You think I give a flying fuck about that shit? You get over
here and you start suckin it!

Well, alright

Yeah! Yeah, that's it! Reach in there! Reach in there and get
yourself some candy


Okay, a little lower, though

Umm alright

Little little lower


No, to the left!


Damn, bitch, do I gotta do everything? Pull down my pants!

O Okay

Now the tighty whities, pull that shit down too


Watch out now, here it comes! Boing! Now what you think of that?

What do I think of what?

This! My ding-a-ling! Come on, play with the shit a little

Uh, okay

Lower, baby! Gettin warmer


Let me pull the fatty rolls apart, spring that shit out for ya

Yeah, that would help

Whoop, there it is!

Haha What the fuck is that?

Play with the shit


That's right, jack it up and down


Up and down!

Well, it's hard to grab onto!

Keep tryin, you thick fingered bitch! Use your pinkies!

Oh, okay I'll try that

Yeah, now we got it goin on


Let me fuck those pinkies




Keep pressure on the sides of it, baby, keep it sprung! Yeah!
Tell me how much you love it

Ooh, I love it

Tell me it makes you horny

Ooh, I'm gettin real horny

Tell me it's bigger than a Tic Tac

But it isn't!

I don't give a shit if it is or isn't! Say it is!

Alright! Your dick is bigger than a Tic Tac!

Damn right, Tic Tac, cashew, thumbtack, half a grape, it's
bigger than all that shit!

All that shit put together!

Now don't get crazy on me, bitch, let's keep this shit semi-real

Aw, I like a man who shaves down here!

I don't shave that shit, bitch! I'm still waitin on them weeds to
bust out and grow and what not!

What? You mean you haven't reached puberty?

I guess the only way to get you to shutup is to throw a dick in your mouth!


Well, then suck on that shit!

Uh, okay Mmmm yeah, I'm suckin suckin away here

That's a pimple, you dumb twat!


Move your mouth lower!


Oh, oh yeah, now you're on it! You're on it!

I'm on it?

That's it!


Oh, that feels nice!


Oh, hell yeah!

Yeah, there you go!

Oh, oh, shit, fuck, ow!!

What's wrong?

It's caught between your teeth! Get it out! Get it out!

I'm sorry, sir!

Don't be flossin with that shit, you gap-toothed bitch! Be careful!

Look, maybe I should just lick it then, okay?

Do somethin!

Im gonna lick it! Cause I love to lick that thing, okay?


Yeah, baby


Yeah, you like that, baby?

Oh, yeah!

Whoah, whoah, whoah!!! Somethin just spewed all over my face!

That was the pimple again!

Oh, uh uh

Let me reiterate Down Lower Bitch!

Okay, you fat fuck!

What's that?

I'm just playin with ya, haha

Oh, you better be playin! Oh yeah, that's it, now you're on it!

I'm on it?

Oh, oh smoke that roast, bitch


Whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah, slow down, not so fast!

Oh, okay

I got shit I wanna do to you, woman!

Oh boy

Time to pull your dress off You're gonna get fucked!

I don't know, sir, I mean is that is that really possible?

Don't give me no lip, bitch! You want me to smack you in the
face with this shit?


"Hahaha" you laughin now? Get the fuckin dress off!

Well, alright, but you have to promise me you're gonna use a condom

You know I can't wear that shit!

I do, I'm just playin! Hahahaha

Condom! You've been watchin too many of those XXX movies,
seein that fake dick shit those actors have hangin off their real dicks

Those aint fake dicks, those are real big dicks!

Bitch, I suppose you think Star Wars is real, too! That they
really got space ships and Chewbaki and all that shit! Stupid,
colorful bitch! Hahahaha!

Alright, my panties are off You gonna try to fuck me now, or what?

Try? I'm gonna fuck your eyes crossed, you apathetic bitch!
Wham, wham, wham! How you like me now, bitch, how you like me now?

Is it seriously in?

In? You gotta stop fuckin all them rhinos and blue whales! Not
only is it in, but the shit's about to blow! Ooooh! Mmmm
Hope you're on the pill, bitch, cause I blew that wad all up in ya

I I got it, it's right on the end of this hair, here

Shit, yeah, clean yourself up, bitch There's a beach towel in
my bathroom

I'll just use this Q-tip

Whatever, just do it and get the fuck back to work!

Okay, BB Dick!

What's that?

I'm just playin! Bye!

Shit, what a life I've got It's good to be Mr Peter Bodd Damn good

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