Pass the fuckin ball!

What an idiot!

Fuck it, I'm gonna go get another beer You guys want one?


Two Please!

Oh boy


[phone rings]

Hello? Yeah, yeah, cool, we're all just hangin out Alright

Who was that, some chicks?

Nah, it was my neighbor, his robot's comin over


Yeah, he built a robot a while ago and the robot came out gay

Yo, we're out of Hunnyduffers so I grabbed a couple of Gooseheads

Okay, that's cool

Wait, so the robot's gay?

Gay Robot's comin over?


Oh, dude, you gotta see this, he's insane with football stats

No way!

[doorbell rings]

It's open!

Hey guys what's up?

Hey, good to see ya Gay Robot

Gay Robot in the house!

Word up what's the score, fuckers?

Giants are eatin shit in the third quarter, it's 24-8 Miami

Don't worry, the Giants have phenominal fourth quarter numbers


They'll come back and win by three


I love it!

Fuck you guys!

Sorry, buddy

Who's the new guy?

Oh, that's my friend John

Hey John sweet hat!

Uh thanks what's goin on?

You know just chillin can I suck your dick?


No, no, no, no, he's okay, Gay Robot

That was funny

The Gay Robot gets a little horny cause he doesn't know any
gay guys around here

Oh, I see



Oh, I can't believe you dropped that! Do something, Henderson,
you fat fuck!

Hey! That was very offensive to me!

Why? You're not fat

I thought you said fag!

No, i wouldn't say that, I said fat

Oh, sorry!


I guess if you fist fuck me, we'll be even!

No, I'm not gay, Gay Robot

I thought you said you were?

No You know I never said that

I know, I was just rousing you! Good times! Good times guys!


Hey, Gay Robot's havin a good time!

So how do you think the Eagles are gonna do this season, Gay Robot?

Let's find out! [whirring, beeping noises] Says here, due to injuries
and irratic weather patterns, the Eagles will finish a dismal 7-9

What? No way!

Deal with it

The Gay Robot knows his shit, man

Now will someone blow it on my face?

Nobody's gay here but you, Gay Robot, so let's just watch some
football, alright?

Look, I'm not here to bring the party down It's just I run
on semen Without it, I could die Help me to live fellas
Jerk off in my mouth immediatly Please, my circuits are
shorting Starting to fade already See a light Going
towards it


You're makin this up, Gay Robot!

My bad! You got me! Hahaha good times!


So does he eat food like us human people?

Yeah, he can eat food

Ya want some tortilla chips, Gay Robot?

Sounds great, John Can I dip them in your ass?


I'm all set, thanks


What the fuck?! The reception's all fuzzy!

Are you kidding me?

Don't panic I can fix it

Oh hey! That's right! I love it, work your robot magic, fix that shit!

Okay, here's the problem!

My man! What is it?

Your cock's not in my asshole!

Aww Maybe you should go home and take a cold shower, Gay Robot

Alright I'll go We'll just whack each other off and I'll bail

Not gonna happen



Fuck you

Later Gay Robot

[fly unzips]

Oh no! Look what happened! My robo-cock fell out of my pants!

Oh, shit, he's got a boner!!

Taste it!!!

[spraying sounds]

Oh, oh!!!

Fuckin asshole!!!

Come on, Gay Robot!!!

Aww, man!

Later fags!

[Door opens and closes]

[Distant voices]

Hey Gay Robot

Hey Mr Chasen Can I suck your dick?

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