[Arsenio (Chris Rock):]
Now don't leave us hanging with just that [JP:]
Yeah, I hear that, Arsenio
Yo guys, lets kick it! [Music starts playing][JP:]
Yo now, before we start singing,
You also want to know in addition to writing our own songs,
we also do our own choreography [JP:]
Girl, I can't stop thinking of you girl,
Y-O-U, spells girl
Woke up this morning, put on my own clothes,
cause the ladys' not here, to help us no more
Went down to the store, I got myself some juice,
its tasted good and fresh and I love you [All:]
Girl, you are wicked awesome [DC:]
I buttoned up my own shirt, whew! [All:]
Because, you girl [RS:]
Whenever I make my own plane reservations [All:]
I think of you girl, cause girl you are wicked awesome! [AS:]
My name is Donny, and I'm here to say
They call me Donny, cause that's my name
Banana's are good in every way,
An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,
Purina Cat Chow - [All:]
Chow, chow, chow [AS:]
If my friends could only see me now,
I'm walking, I'm talking, McCauly Caukin,
Roger Clemmons was called for walking
Word, Sister! [All:]
1, 2, Dosey dow, dosey dow [All:]
You are wicked awesome! [AS:]

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