My little sweet daughter the sixth grader, she comes back from school and she's like, "All the boys keep saying, 'That's what she said ' and then they all laugh"
"Why Daddy?"
And I was like, "Oh, boy" "Yeah, it seems like anything I say, they say, 'That's what she said' They look at each other, and they just laugh and laugh And I'm confused Help me Dad-da" And so, I'm like, "Okay, how do I explain this to her?" And I'm trying to just figure out, you know, the right way to do it, in a clean way, no cursing And I'm just going, "Uh uh uh uh, well, it's a" And then my kid goes, "That's okay, Daddy You tried your best" [laughter] And I was like, "That's what she said" [laughter] All right, let's do this [piano plays] That's not true None of that None of this fucking story All this is a lie All right

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That's What She Said Adam Sandler lyrics in 100% Fresh album