I always get these emails from the kids' school that I've got to come in "It's Terrific Tuesday Make sure you come in" And you're like, Terrific What the fuck is Terrific Tuesday? Well, you come by the school and you tell the kids how terrific they are And I'm like, "Okay, Thirsty Thursday" It's Thirsty Thursday Come by You know, you help the kids fill their water bottles I'm like, my father literally came to school one fucking time my whole school career He opened the door in the middle of a fucking test, and I hear, "Where'd you put the rake? [laughter] I'm like, "What?" "You put it on the nail?" - "I think I did" - "You think? "It's not there" [laughter] - "Okay" - "It's not okay" "I'll get it for you after school" "No, you'll get it now! "

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