Okay, you guys, I'm gonna sing you this song right now This is the kind of a sweet song I sing it to my wife, because she let's me talk about so many things in front of you people [laughs] And she doesn't even get mad at me She's pretty damn cool So here we go

I met you 20 years ago
And we talked all night
You drank me under the table
Yeah, it was love at first sight
I knew right then and there
I'd grow old with you [cheers and applause]
I said I'd tell you jokes
Whenever you are sad
Make you a mom if you made me a dad
Oh, it's been so much fun
Growing old with you
Oh, oh [cheering] I love you
Foot rub you
Tell you you're the only one I'm thinking of
Make big decisions with you
Try new positions with you [laughs]
Even sit and watch Fucking Eat Pray Love [laughter]
Two times in a row [laughter]
Now when I'm on a diet
You take away my potatoes
Say, "Fuck all those guys" After reading Rotten Tomatoes
I hope they all die miserable deaths
As I grow old with you [cheering]
You scold me
You hold me
Look the other way When I dress like a pimp
You cry to me
You lie to me
But only when you tell me
That the dick looks big [laughter] [laughs]
Now, we don't need a big house
We don't need any money
All we need is you and me
And Sadie and Sunny
I got everything I want
Growing old with you

And this goes for all of you guys here tonight

([man:] Yeah!)


Thanks for growing old with

All right, you all, thank you so much Respect! Rock and roll I love you too Let's do it again sometime Thank you Thank you

Well, folks, I've been given the light and I must go But thank you very much Enjoy the rest of the show [cheers and applause]

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Grow Old With You Adam Sandler lyrics in 100% Fresh album