My whole life, I always wanted to be able to do a flip Wouldn't that be great? I was always growing up, going, "Man, I've got to get a flip going Everybody will love me if I could just do a flip" Everybody would be like, "Whoa, did you see the Sandman? He popped out a flip" I just wanted to be in a fucking Marshalls or something, buying some cheap clothes and going, "Hey, watch this" Pop a flip and have the fucking lady at the cash register go, "Did you fucking see that kid with the flip?" I'd be like "Hey, I do it all the time" But I never got that one down, man I wish I did Always I was like I didn't know how to fucking practice That was the problem I didn't know how to do my first try I would always get to right about here, and then go, "Ah, I don't know I'm gonna get hurt" And when I got older, I wanted to learn how to speak fluent Italian too And I did that I mastered that So, I'm in Italy, and I meet the Pope himself, and in fluent Italian, I say to him, "Hey, I love what you've done for the Church I love what you you're doing for the world America says, 'Hello' Um Am I getting into heaven?" And in Italian he says, "Can you do a flip?" And I was like, "Madonne!" [laughter] Shit

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