My daughter plays basketball, my nine year old So, I go and see her play basketball, and she's a sweetheart of a kid And every time they put the kid in the game, I get so excited I take my video camera out, and I fucking video everything she does And so, a couple Sundays ago, I'm videoing my daughter and another dad goes, "Hey, can you email me that when you're done?" And I go, "Yeah, absolutely, dude And then I'm videoing my kid and then I remembered Actually, when I video my kid, I say a lot of things, and It's always not stuff I want other people to hear And I'm always like, "Okay, you got it, you little cutie You've got the ball You're so good Look how good you are You take the ball Pass it to my kid Somebody pass it to my kid I'll get a break your fucking neck, I swear to God Give that fucking ball to my fucking kid You all suck out there" And I was like, "I better not email that to that man there So I just emailed him the ghost/dick pic thing The guy was like, "What the fuck's with the ruler?" I go, "Yeah, the ghost was an asshole Fuck that guy" "I'm with you"

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