The guys over 50 know what I'm talking about The testicles do get bigger and bigger as you get older They hang lower and whatever the fuck happens You know, you've seen it at the YMCA your whole life, the older men with the giant balls, and you're always wondering why they're so free and happy, fucking Those are like the 85-year-old guys They don't give a fuck They just swing it and whatever They don't even think of throwing a towel on They're just like, "This is it I only got a few years left I want You should remember me how I am, with these giant" My balls are not that big, but they still don't make sense on my body My dick literally looks like it's sitting in a bean bag chair Yeah, it's so comfortable My dick never it never wants to leave the balls It's always just resting So nice, like, "I love you guys You're my best friends" [laughter] The new giant balls get me into trouble with my wife now, because we're both not used to them I'm behind her doing my thing, what you do when you're behind your wife And I'll hear, "Hey, hey, no spanking" I'm like, "That wasn't me That was That was those guys, babe" And she's like, "Oh Oh, you got me again"

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