You ever How about the times you wake up Ever wake up like 4: 30 in the morning and you're like, "God damn it What am I doing up right now?" 4: 30, can't fall asleep I'm fucking ruined for the day Ever do one of those things where you go, "Let me just get out of bed," and live like those people who always go, "Hey, I get up at 4: 30 every day I do that for me That's me time I spend the morning alone That's my time and it's the best It sets me in the right mood" You're like, "Let me be one of those fucking pricks I'll get up at 4: 30" And you get up at 4: 30 and you make yourself breakfast You're like, "Wow, this is good making breakfast I never do that" And then you work out You're like, "I'm working out this early Holy shit That's out of the way That's great" And then you have yourself another breakfast You're like, "Okay, I'm running out of shit to do" And then you flip on the news and you go, "There's news before the news? Who the fuck are these people? They're very good They should be on the real news" Then you go outside and you see a bird eating a worm You're like, "Is that the fucking early bird? I've been hearing about that thing for a long time" There he is Holy shit" Then a bus shows up, and your kids get on it You're like, "That's how they fucking get to school Nobody fucking told me What a day This is interesting" And then it's around 11 o'clock and you're in the middle of a work meeting and you're like, "How long is this fucking day gonna go for? Let me sleep!"

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4:30 Adam Sandler lyrics in 100% Fresh album