I knew you before about five years ago
Then you seemed to be like a person
Who did'nt act like the people I knew
Yet something was special about 'ya
A bit insecure but still kind of cute
At the same time easy to talk to
And now I see you again
And you're looking so goodVoulez-vous danser avec moi
Voulez-vous dancer avec moi se soirI look in the mirror and what do I see
You're the same kind of person you're like me
And I can't run away I'm so attracted to youVoulez-vous danser avec moi
Voulez-vous dancer avec moi se soirNo more hesitation you're what I've bee looking for
So stay close to me I want to give you a better life
L'amour eternelle
L'amour eternelleVoulez-vous danser

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Voulez-vous Danser Ace Of Base lyrics in The Sign album