(Yeah yeah yeah yeah, oh yeah)

I got all my people on a different flow
Shoot the jumper like I'm Gary got a different stroke
You in the titanic I'm in a different boat
Hit elevator I'm through the roof tho
I lost a talent a show, I guess it paid off
Now I'm on all these labels radar
Yeah I'm eating now I use to cater
They calling me great God greater
Somebody prayed for me got all these blessings don't know how to act
So I just can't listen to what you be saying cause you can't hold me back

They be talking crazy like my God ain't got no pull doe
I know his promise for me so who you tryna fool doe
Boi they messed up
They don't know who they be playing with
I'm coming out boi I'm saying
Straight to the the top boi I'm claiming it

You can't hold me back

I ain't having that

Had a lot of people say that I couldn't take it
Had a lot of people said that I wouldn't grow
Had a lot of people said I wouldn't be here
And now I'm here but I still gotta long way to go
Had a lot of people said I couldn't do it
If I kept God first and I didn't rap like the rest
Had a lot of friends say that they was on my team
But lowkey they was mad just like all the rest
It's hard for me to let these people in
I can't even tell if they my friends
Some of em was even kinda kin
Forgive em then they do it all again
A tight circle what it really take to win
Tell Delilah I ain't scared she can cut my hair anyday
I ain't gon lose strength he live inside me anyway
I'm jumping out the cage bulletproof like Luke
You would think God was a blood the way he come up out the blue
Boi it take heart just to do this
I been reading Proverbs I ain't foolish
Boi I thank God for my Judas
Yeah I thank God for my Judas

You can't hold me back

I ain't having that

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